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Copy previous settings include cache -long file transfer times
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System Information
Linux 64bit

Blender Version

Short description of error
Just downloaded Blender 2.76-RC1 and wanted to copy previous settings. It took a very long time (NFS mounted home) so I looked in ~/.cache/blender/2.75 and found a cache dir 53GB(!) in size, that was being copied over.

  1. Why is this cache dir here in .config/blender dir, and not in /tmp?
  2. If the cache dir needs to be in the config dir, why isn't it cleaned periodically?
  3. Why is this cache dir being copied over to the new config dir?

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Open a new version of Blender (2.76-RC!) for the first time. Copy previous settings. Cache dir is copied over, so depending on size can take a long time.



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This happens on other platforms too. As for the questions this is useful for users who switch blender versions in the middle of a project. But users should be given the option to skip cache files

Ok, an option would be nice.

I still don't understand why this cache dir needs to be in the config dir. Why not put it in ~/.cache (don't know the equivalent in win/osx) ? Or maybe somewhere global for multi-user environments.

Thanks for looking into this though.

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Well… would rather question the mere existence of 53GBi in ~/.cache/... at all, when dealing such amount of data think you should specify project cache dir, instead of using default one. Also, not sure where does this comes from, afaik Blender does not use that path at all by default (at least, here I have no ~/.cache/Blender). I would assume you defined that path in some user preferences' paths?