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Problem with removing old Blender version when installing
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Let me start by saying thank you to EVERYONE who makes blender and it's continuing development possible.

System Information
Windows 7 / 560ti

Blender Version

Short description of error
Removing previous version of Blender when installing 2.76

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Hello this is probably not a bug but more of a usability issue:

I keep several legacy versions Blender on my p.c. because I have older projects that use legacy features or for whatever reason are incompatible with newer versions of Blender.

This (I think) is the first time that Blender has removed the previous version (2.75) when I installed the new version (2.76). I attempted to reinstall blender 2.75 through the installer and then through the .zip file and get the message that a newer version of blender is already installed, and I am not able to reinstall the previous version.

I think I understand the reasoning behind this but, At the very least I think there should be an option to keep the previous version. Is that practical or even possible?

Am I mistaken in keeping previous versions? (I am probably in the extreme category - I have everything back to 2.62 : Or maybe I'm just nostalgic :0)

Thank you for your time and any insight you can offer.

Nick Vasquez
aka Dragon Venom



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@Martijn Berger (juicyfruit), do we really forbid installing several versions of Blender via msi installer?

it's for me too, install 2.76 will removing 2.75, and nothing to notify, the old installer(.exe) have more choose for user, the msi just one install path to select, no others, and even can't uninstall completely, So there is no difference between installer and Zip, even much bad than Zip, Please back to .exe, don't make trouble with it , so sad for that : (

I think that you should use portable installation if you use blender of plural versions.
You download a package of the zip format and defrost it in any place.
You must make a folder named config in the folder of the version name in a unzipped folder.
The individual configuration file is stored in this config folder.
But the function that an installer sets for the OS is not sponsored.

@perfection cat (sindra1961) I'm not sure what you mean when you say "defrost" is that another term for "unzip"?

I have unzipped Blender installations before but I have never utilized a configuration folder as you described.

@Nick Vasquez (Dragon_Venom):
I'm sorry, it seemed to be translated into a different word when I translated it.
It is "unzip".
When there is config folder, blender refers to the configuration file of the inside.