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BI + Object Color + Shadeless = not rendering.
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As the title says, if I have an object with:

  • Object Color with green, alpha 0.5, for example.
  • Object Color activated in Material - Options.
  • Shadeless activated in Material - Shading.

In viewport, the object is tending to green and semi-transparent. I think also in GE.
Rendering in BI, the object is not affected by "Object Color" color and/or alpha.

The workarround would be the object not to be shadeless and Emmit at 1, as @Juan Pablo Bouza (jpbouza) said in

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This is the result, doing everything as you say (object color set to green, alpha 0.5) using 2.76.1 as of this morning (Sept. 24)

. BI renderer.

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Followed basic steps and the color/alpha seems to be working when:

  • Transparency is checked.
  • Transparency method is set to Z Transparency.

Please always:

  • attach a blend file showing the problem.
  • note which Blender version this was last known to work (if it did once work).


Blender version: last from (2.76-rc2 c586e30)

The file, added some text and rendered in BI.

Both objects has the same Object Color and, in both, Object Color option is checked in Material options. The difference is their shadeless option.