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Combined pass renders even if deselected
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Dell i7 - 3450M
Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
tested on various other computers

Blender 2.75

When rendering a scene, the combined pass is rendered even if it is deselected. In this case only the AO pass was required and selected.
If the combined pass is required for the other passes, then it should be removed from the list or clarified by not allowing the user to deselect it.

Open blend file (any, basic scene)
In passes, select AO, deselect Z and combined

  • rendering this will render the combined and AO pass

in node editor: compositor, connect render layers:AO (render layers:combined is not on the node) to composite:image

  • rendering will render the combined pass, and then display as output the AO pass.



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I wouldn't consider this a bug. Blender Internal renderer can't skip doing combined pass at all. Cycles in theory can skip writting to combined pass but internally it'll still be doing all calculations needed for it so there'll be no performance gain.

Main reason of current behavior of combined pass is due to general approach to controlling render passes and some render engines might respect settings and some might ignore them.

I can see how it might be confusing, but wouldn't really consider a bug. Maybe good to place this to @Julian Eisel (Severin) radars for gaining some bifgger interface picture for improvement.

So thanks for the report, but closing as a TODO.