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Bone isn't affected by influence keyframe if the action is shared (*).
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(*) The complete tittle would be: "Bone isn't affected by influence keyframe if the same action is shared with another armature with bones with different names".

  • Open the file.
  • Move in timeline and see what the bone (armature "B") does with its constraint.
  • Select armature "C".
  • Move across the timeline in DopeSheet: bone of armature "B" isn't affected by influence keyframe

The channel of the armature "C" gets red underlined. So, the Action is affected of this "red-underlineness"... so, armature "B" is affected too.

I know that this is a kinky bug... it is not normal/suggested to use the same action in different armatures with different bones. I discovered this bug by doing that, by mistake.

Maybe it is not usefull to put time on fixing it, because it is not a normal configuration. You guys decide.


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Have to summon @Joshua Leung (aligorith) here… Do we consider this as known limitation of current system, or is it really a bug? That 'fighting' between valid/invalid state in shared actions if not that nice, gives a bit non-predictable results.

This isn't really a solvable problem within the current design. Considering it a TODO for 2.8.

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