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pick in recent (2015) researches for grease pencil usage for 2D sketch to 3D models and animations with MP Cani from le collège de France, on creating fast 3D with a simple line..
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It's about researches usable and to "pythonized" in blender with grease pencil :
pick in recent (2015) researches from MP Cani from le collège de France, where she shows how to use a simple line to create easy sketches for movements.

She is showing that with some S or C lines (as in drawings) some natural movements can be created when model glues to this line.
there are some french studies and some videos where she talks about her works inside the informatic research unit.
There are more in all, with some simplification for clothes and skins and crowd and natural flows, to catch reality (she uses parts of maya for her tools)

her works applies directly to the grease pencil usages with direct 2D sketches to 3D models and animations by creating fast 3D with simple lines..

let's have a look there on itunes or goog:

  1. podcasts on **with " MP cani 3D 2D collège france" tags then with dloa (which is her method name for dynamic lines...) : eg humans and artificial creatures or video
  2. some publications in .PDF too

i expect you'll find her works useful as they explicitly explain in details (for equations and methods) and may be her works are in english too, as she is connected to international researchers.
Of course i'm ready to translate anything you seem to be interested in, and may be you may transfer to french developpers too.
thank you for all and this great tool



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