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"Import Images as Planes" should reload image datablock before importing.
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System Information
Ubuntu-Mate 14.04
nVidia GT620

Blender Version

Short description of error
When importing the images from disk, if the image was previously loaded, it doesn't reload the image, it takes it from image datablock. Now, let's take an example where this normal function affects the importing:

  • Open the file
  • Look at the plane with the image "cat.jpg" previously loaded.
  • Rename "cat.jpg" file name to "cat_.jpg" or something.
  • Rename "cat-higer.jpg" to "cat.jpg" (cat-higher.jpg is the same photo, but with a different proportion: something was added to the original).
  • Delete the plane in Blender.
  • Import "cat.jpg" (now, it is the new one).
  • Look at the photo: it is the old one, because it has the same name.

Now, a probable workaround: go to Texture panel and refresh the image: it is wrong at its proportion.

I need to delete completly the image datablock or rename the file name to make it work.

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This is half-bug and half-feature request actually… ;)