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Force quit when instancing smoke domain
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Mavericks, OSX, Macbook Air
OS X 10.9.5(Mavericks), NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 MB

Broken: (2.76 fb78f6d)
Worked: (2.73)

When baking a smoke domain, instancing it causes it to force quit blender. I've tried it on 2.73. Is it cause of openvdb changes?

add cube, quick smoke, simulate and bake, add group to smoke domain, instance group.

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In 2.74, instancing works as expected.
in 2.75, instancing does not crash, but smoke is not instantiated either.
In 2.76 it crashes right away (segfault).

OK, fixed the crash in master, note however that smoke instancing does not work and (afaik) never worked in fact.

In 2.74 it seems to work in 3DView, but smoke instances would not be rendered by BI anyway…