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Animation Docs clean up
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I thought something like this below, for the camera page, may be a better read for animators.
But im not sure about the content.

Camera Animation

These are some basic tools and properties animators may use for the camera.

Switching Cameras

Switching cameras is done with the Timeline operator 'Bind Camera to Markers'.

The triangle above the camera will become shaded when active.

First in the Timeline, add a set of markers used to switch cameras.
Press M to add marker, then Ctrl M to rename, duplicated markers should retain the same name.

(1) In the 3D View, select the Camera the Markers will switch to.
(2) In the Timeline, select the Marker(s) to switch to the Camera.
(3) In the Timeline, press Ctrl B to Bind Cameras to Markers.

Camera Properties

The camera has a set of properties and tools via the Properties Editor.

These properties can be animated to produce various effects.

Pointing Cameras

.. add some methods

Moving Cameras on a Path

With animation, it can be easier to move cameras on a path, see "" for more info.

Agree this can be cleaned up. But think its not always needed to immediately remove place-holder content.

Instead, if someone is adding the documentation - they can make the decision on what to remove and keep.

(Note that animation/techs is a bit of strange organization... what belongs in animation/techs/armatures compared to manual/rigging/armatures for eg?).

We could also remove all animation/techs and then think of the best place to add docs for shape-keys, animating cameras etc.

Suggest to remove subdirectories (basics, techs) and simply have:


.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2



koil (koilz) added a comment.EditedOct 14 2015, 10:53 PM

I think its nice to reference the 2.4 anim tech pages.. somewhere, for if people want to copy or rewrite them.


For the armature.
The armature to a rigger is a system which has to be setup so its easy for the animator to use.
The armature to an animator, is a genric object which can be keyframed, posed, animated.
Tools like Armature Ghost, Pose Library, Keying Sets, Motion Capture, Moving objects on a Path, are used more by animators.

I found its best to use the track to constraint to keep the camera focused.

I added an rst file for the camera page, and one more picture.
The page uses the 3 pictures and the dolly zoom video from the original page.

Im not great at making patches, so I probably wont update the manual myself.


I like the idea of removing the sub directories (basics, techs), but I think the 2.4 tech pages should be referenced somewhere, maybe if its just in a tracker task or something.

Removed rBM818,

  • techs/lamp.rst
  • techs/camera.rst
  • techs/material.rst

Their style was not at all in keeping with a reference manual. also since so many attributes can be animated, dont think we need docs on animating specific data - unless they have special behavior - like armatures.

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) closed this task as Resolved.EditedOct 23 2015, 6:38 AM

rBM852: Committed re-organization/removal of dummy pages.

Note that dummy pages can be OK if they form some agreed on structure that just needs filling in.
But in this case it wasn't really helping to keep them around (IMHO) since its been years without having content added.
So its probably easier just to remove and add pages as we need.

rBM853: Added the camera animation page from @koil (koilz), but removed most of the content on Moving/Positioning Cameras.
It turned we had camera navigation docs in 2 places already:
(manual/render/camera/introduction & manual/editors/3dview/navigate/camera_view),
So moved most out of render, and link to these pages instead.

See animation index:

Closing this task as resolved, further work can be done here, but think the clean-up part is done.