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Image sequence in texture nodes doesn't update in animation render
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System Information
System 1: Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce 660
System 2: Surface Pro 3

Blender Version
Broken: 2.76

Short description of error
If I add an image sequence as a texture through the Node Editor, set up correctly, the image sequence doesn't advance when rendering the animation. It also doesn't advance when going through frames in the 3D view (but I think that's a known issue). The only way to update the sequence is if a Node Editor is open with the offending Node open - it will update when advancing the frames in the timeline. The exact set up as a classic image texture works.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Enable 'Use Nodes' for an image texture, assigned to the material of an object.
  2. Add an 'Image' Input Node and an Output Node.
  3. In the Image Node options, open an image sequence (doesn't matter if you select all images at once, or select the first and choose 'Image Sequence' afterwards).
  4. Setup the 'Frames' and 'Offset' options so that the image sequence is recognised (no 'Can't load image' message)
  5. Test that the sequence advances normally in the Node Editor previews by hitting the left and right arrow keys.
  6. Render
  7. The texture displays only the last updated image of the sequence, throughout the animation.

(I can' t provide a .blend as I can't pack the sequence, but this has been tried with fresh files, different image sequences, different folders and on different systems, as shown above)

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Thanks for the prompt response! Fixed it for now (pre-rendering and applying through the properties panel) but nice to know it'll be there in the future. Keep up the awesome work!