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Context hotkey is not overriding my custom hotkey
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System Information
W10 64b

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Short description of error
If I use any modeling tools I can not use context hotkey if it collide with my custom hotkey. I think that it would be better override all colliding hotkey with context hotkey.

For example I can not use Flip, because I am using F for Translate

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The example you give (F used to translate) is not valid, since it is expected user can change transform operation (from rotation to translate e.g.), which implies their shortcuts remain active during a modal transform.

So thanks for the report, but there is no bug here really, it behaves as expected - TODO is to make all those custom transform shortcuts into real keymaps, editable by user…

Sure, edit all context hotkey is great idea! But I don`t understand why this is expected behaviour.

If I use Loop Cut and Slide, I don`t need any another hotkey expect context hotkey. (Context hotkeys are on screenshot above for me). I don`t need translate, rotate, scale etc. during setting edge. Now, I switched to default hotkeys. If I press G for translate during creating edge loop process it has also strange behaviour. So overriding with colliding hotkeys can be good in my opinion.

My workaround is use SHIFT + F for flip, it is not colliding with other hotkeys and still working for flipping.