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3D Stereo Render Gui Bug
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System Information
Windows 8.1 64-Bit System
Intel i5-3330 3.00Ghz
4GB Ram
NVIDIA GT620 1GB Graphic Card

Blender Version
Broken: 2.76 Hash:48f7dd6

Short description of error
I open my blender ( with cycles render). Go to Property->Render Layer Pannel then switch the View check box on(Open Stereo 3D). I click F12 Button to render the image and i get some bugs on GUI, like antifact.

Screen Shot:

Event Timeline

It's not too surprising that this happens, if it's drawing once for each eye, then the render thread can change the status message between the first and second draw.

So not a driver bug, more of a weakness in the stereo drawing implementation where ideally it should only be drawing the image itself in stereo, not the rest of the UI.

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We can't easily solve the issue since the message might be changing inbetween of WindowManager's invoking drawing of all regions for the stereo.

We are currently discussing some major refactor of how region draw would work for 2.8, so would consider this a TODO related on this projects.

Thanks for the report anyway.