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circdots osl-shader
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i ported my old circdots texture-plugin (for blender<2.4) to OSL.
Maybe it could be in osl-script-templates, to let artists produce
nice circular arranged dots (like aboriginal art of dotpainting ;)



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Thomas Dinges (dingto) reopened this task as Open.Oct 24 2015, 3:46 PM

It's a patch and not a feature request Aaron. ;)

I am sorry did not see that thanks for for reopening


(optimizing NOW ;)=

to explore mandelbrot inside blender ...
i converted mandelbulb.c (from old texture-plugin<2.49) ~~
into OSL : )= tonight

.blend files to test here:
( to go from kawaii to kimo-kawaii -> raise itereations ;)

(mandelbulb after "deep dream"-test :)