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Scaling in edit mode with individual origins and snapping activated is broken
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System Information
Win7 x64

Blender Version
Broken: 2.76

Short description of error
Following T39161. Scaling in edit mode works well with "median" as pivot point but with "individual origins" it breaks.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

In attached file:
Scale and choose a vertex with "ctrl" pressed, cube seems to disappear.
To compare, press "G" and choose a vertex for snap, the cube's center is moved as a cube (also individual origins could make all selected verts move to that position making a point instead of a cube?) to that vertex.
Scale with "median" as pivot, it works

So maybe to make it consistent, make "individual origins behave like median.


To Do

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Note that this was never supported and while we can support - it will take a bit of work to do it efficiently. Since we probably dont want to calculate this value for every element when its only going to be used in a specific case.

well, don't loose your time finding a real solution for this one until someone comes with a real use case for it. But in the mean time, making it behave like in the " median" case instead of making it disappear would help.

I found another but by the way. When you scale on x,y (with shift+z), it seems the algorithm takes the z component into account also it is not used.
Step to reproduce:

  • Open this file:

In the left perspective view:

  • Press S
  • Press shift+Z
  • Hold ctrl to snap and hover the bottom right vertex of the other cube.

Look on the right top view, the cube is not scaled up to the chosen point. Doing the same with grabbing instead of scaling works.

I can open another bug report if you want.

Setting this as Todo, seems this is just not supported yet (leaving it open though, so Campbell doesn't forget about it ;) ).

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