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data_transfer modifier has no effect when called "in a dependency chain"
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System Information
Windows-7 nvidia-titan

Blender Version
Broken: (development after 2.76 release)
Worked: unknown

Short description of error

I have 3 objects a, b, c.
i add 2 data_transfer modifiers, one on a (named moda), one on b (named modb)

now i setup a dependency as follows:


enable face corner data on both modifiers
enable "custom normals" on both modifiers
restrict the range to 0.01 on both modifiers

I expect that the adjacent boundary edge normals of the objects get welded.
But this happens only for one of the modifiers, but not for the other.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Open the blend file

and inspect the 2 object sets (a,b,c) and (1,2,3) In both cases the normals are welded for the first data_transfer modifier, but not for the second.

I am not sure what i am doing wrong. I suspect the problem is related to shape keys? Or is this a simple user error or even expected behavior?

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Found the trick - it’s object transformation (apply rotation on your c/3 objects and everything is OK).

This is supposed to work though, checking further.