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mathutils.bvhtree crashes with distance input
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System Information
Windows 7 64 bit
Nvidia Quadro 600

Blender Version
Broken: bfdb420

Short description of error
Trying to use the distance input of this function crashes Blender:

To reproduce the error just copy this script into the text editor and run it:

from mathutils import Vector
from mathutils.bvhtree import BVHTree

bvh = BVHTree.FromPolygons(vertices = [], polygons = [])
bvh.ray_cast(Vector((0, 0, 0)), Vector((1, 0, 0)), 5)

when I try this without ", 5" it does not crash.

I know this is not the place for feature requests, but is it possible to have a minimum distance? That would be helpful when I want to spawn another ray from the location a first ray_cast gave me. Otherwise the function always gives me the same point. Yes I could offset the ray start vector in the direction of the normal but maybe a Min Distance would be better :)

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Confirmed, dummy typo in code ;)

Re minimum distance, as far as I have understood BVH process, not sure this is really possible - not without breaking the whole purpose of BVH, which is being able to only check a very small subset of items, instead of all of them…