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Cannot use % in filenames
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When trying to save a file with, for example, "50%" in its name, it becomes "50_".

In recently solved T45900 it was said that symbols from this wiki article are now automatically replaced with underscore. I can understand why we replace something like "|", ">", etc. These symbols are not supported on Windows, so replacing them with underscore increases compatibility.

However, I think "%" symbol was included by mistake. That wiki article mentioned it because it was used for something in RT-11, but it is deprecated OS with even more deprecated file system with 6.3 file names (even worse than 8.3 format in DOS); also, it was flat file system with no support for subdirectories and it did not support many other common symbols. I do not think that limitations of RT-11 file system have any meaning for modern software including Blender.

Feel free to close as invalid if I'm wrong and there is actually a modern file system where "%" is not supported (in that case please tell what is it), otherwise please fix this.

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Yes… Looks like % is same case as space - one should not use it in filename, but they are not really forbidden nor dangerous, so we should not enforce that on user. Thanks for report, will fix.

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