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In-frame node selection issue
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If users want select node(s) on a frame, they usually have to select them one by one, because other selection tools, such as border select, lasso select, and circle select, will select the Fame node too, in which case, it has to be then removed from the current selection. IMHO, this is a behavior that worths improving a bit.

A short GIF to expose the problem:



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This seems reasonable.

  • Border-select, done: rB4ff10119f79170f1d297361e8afd8cae732ea1f1
  • Circle-select (it could work by only selecting the frame if no other nodes are selected?)
  • Lasso-select - (theres currently a keymap issue which makes the initial click select the frame)

Thx Campell, border select works fine with 4ff1011. :)

I just want to stress that the reported issue will become worse especially when dealing with nodes nested in a frame that nested in another larger frame that nested in a third one....