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Reference to geometry
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Continue with the T45734 Task, i would like to develop a reference to geometry, this means user to snap to geometry elements, as centers, midpoints (not only of an edge) , and also tangents (to circles and arcs) and perpendiculars to edges.

I was considering to analyze geometry to get the info necessary for that,and maybe include on file, so with no need to analyze it always ?

I opening this tasks to have some discussions about design, and UI.



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Sounds good. Part of the job is already in trunk but hidden: center/midpoint (not only fo edges) can already be obtained by pressing A while hovering snap vertices (try with 3 point of a cube, snap has to be activated). Tangent and perpendiculars are interesting. An easier way to get centers also (like with knife tool without having to press A) would also be nice. A way to snap to intersections and prolonged edges (like if the edge was stretched to infinity) would definitely also help.

This would be another great to have feature! There was some work done towards this end in the Precision modeling Tools project for Blender's 2012 GSOC but unfortunately it never got anywhere.

Would it be possible to make it also work with Bezier curve segments too? Perpendiculars and extensions would definitely be very useful, additionally being able to snap to edge intersections or "apparent intersections" like closest points for non intersecting edges, or viewpoint-based intersections for non co-planar ones would be very very useful too.

My most sincere thumbs-up for working on these features!

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Design tasks are really for sharing exact proposal of your project (what you're gonna to do) to get some feedback and refine it. That being said, it is not for the discussions of some new idea, it's a part of a development process.

We appreciate your intention to improve blender, but is not really a forum platform.