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Trackball Rotation 'jumps' if using and then releasing SHIFT during rotation
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Blender Version
Broken: 2.76.1 6bc0076


If you hold SHIFT during a trackball rotation and the release SHIFT (to continue rotation with default increments) then the distance traveled during the SHIFT press gets recalculated as if SHIFT had never been pressed.

Initially reported by @Hjalti Hjálmarsson (hjalti).

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Load factory defaults
  2. Press RR on default cube
  3. Hold SHIFT for fine tune movements
  4. Release SHIFT, object will instantly jump.

Event Timeline

Issue is that rotation is calculated using absolute distance from initial mouse position to current one, without considering possible previous changes in precision factor (if that makes any sense :S). This likely has to be fixed in InputTrackBall, but it's not that easy and I don't have much time atm.

This is more a TODO than a bug. The way its working now is intentional.

It's the same issue for number buttons & color picker.
However curves already does this.

Edit, regular angle rotation works without resetting, so for consistency this should be made to as well.