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instant crash on game (I really would like to recover if possible)
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My game crashes when P is pressed

can someone run it through a machine with debug etc?
or let me know if it may be my system etc?



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tested same file, works in 2.74.5

Not working in 2.76(first build)

Hi, I can't reproduce the crash on my machine (Windows 10 64bits Blender 2.76.2 64bits (last (almost) buildbot release, GTX 660, core2quad q9550). Have you tested with the last build bot release?

I have resumed working on the game in 2.74.5 for now, I just turned my pc off for the night, but I will grab a fresh copy tommarow morning and test.

could be some windows 8.1 bad mojo
(2.76 seemed to tie much deeper into windows than older installs)

Crashes for me on 2.76 release, but seems to work fine using fresh build. BPR, please try a buildbot version, it should be ok.

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You may also want to try new 2.76b release, iirc it fixed some crash in BGE…

Tested in blender 2.76b and it didn't crash. When you confirm it I will close the report.

Thanks for reporting

2.76B No Crash here.

Thanks guys,

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