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Edge Loop Slide Correct UV random vertex Pin on the UV
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Windows 8.1 on two computers, graphics cards: nvidia gt210 and nvidia gt660

Searched everywhere for a similar bug, but didn't find anyone that refers to UV vertex pinning due to Correct UV's option.

Broken: 2.76 x64 48f7dd6 (installed)
Broken: 2.75 x64 (zip)
Worked: 2.73 x64 (zip)

Sliding an edge loop and after that activating Correct UVs will randomly cause some of the selected loop's UV vertex to be pinned in the UV Image Editor (as if you had selected them and pressed 'P').

To reproduce (most of the times):
-open blender
-create a cube
-mark seams and open the cube's UV map
-Ctrl+'R' to create an edge loop on the cube, right click to confirm and cancel the auto slide
-With the loop still selected, Double 'G' to slide the loop, left click to confirm the slide where it is (I managed to reproduce both moving and not moving the edge)
-With the loop still selected, Click on Correct UV's
-On the UV Image Editor, some random vertices of the selected loop will be pinned
-Sometimes if no vertices were pinned after that, using edge slide a second time will make all the loop vertices be then pinned.

Is this a feature (an inconsistent one) that I'm unaware of, or is it indeed a bug?

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Please attach a blend file at the point which sliding isn't working properly.

Please attach a blend file at the point which sliding isn't working properly.

I've checked and it seems to be possible to replicate it using the default cube in any brand new file.
Just open blender with the default cube and follow the steps on the cube and you will be good.
I can record a video If you like.

But I can also attach a blend file with the default cube if you want, but it is a waste of time IMO.


Hi there.

You probably already solved it, but in response to your "still can't redo" comment, I recorded a video of the problem:


Commit rB69674f387569 fixed this.

Note the error was incorrect memory access, so it wouldn't happen on all systems.