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Project Vertices on Grease Pencil
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This tool project selected vertices on a grease pencil draw, like shrink wrap project.


Demo (model a mechanic piece):




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hi, looks good, I'll have time to test this weekend

hi, some minor suggestions:
Review by Sybren:
please follow PEP-8 conventions
the use of except: pass in lines 69, 76. 83, is this needed?
indentation levels (line 45 should inverse the condition and do a continue)
comparisons, A > x and A < y should be written as y < A < x
bpy.context instead of the passed-in context (line 50)
using 'vertice' instead of 'vertex'
also some code comments & better function descriptions would be good.

@Eugenio Pignataro (oscurart)
please fix the pep8 first then your good to add to contrib & improve/work on code style & issues.
thanks for your continued efforts.

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Marking as incomplete since author's action is required.

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More than two weeks without reactions… archiving for now. Also, that kind of stuff would be much better as a differencial than a task (see ).