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Pose mode: Alt+I removes keyframes from all bones, not only selected
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Windows 7 64bit
Blender 2.76 48f7dd6

In pose-mode, when I press Alt+I, Blender removes keyframes from all bones, not only selected.

  1. download and open file
  2. be sure, that you are in pose-mode
  3. see that all three bones has keyframe (loc-rot)
  4. select only one of them
  5. press Alt+I shortcut to remove keyframe for selected bone
  6. see that even not-selected lost keyframes :(

The same, when you will use Pose/Animation/Delate Keyframes (this function is described as: "Remove keyframes on current frame fro selected objects")



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Resolved in rB48f298f09dbe7819e0a2a5530be7891507824005

Technically this wasn't a bug, but it makes sense to make this change :)