Missing Motion Tracking Constraints Docs
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Here is my attempt at the camera solve constraint page

I committed the .diff but the image wont show, am I doing something wrong?
I attached it here.

Whenever you add a file you need to tell SVN that that file is part of the repository. To do this use svn add /path/to/file this is also true if you are deleting an existing file.
For more information read #2 on https://www.blender.org/manual/about/contribute.html#submit-patches

As for these two images I will commit them for you.

If you are on windows then I would recommend using Smart SVN. It is a GUI SVN client that I use.


Thank you, I will give it a try.

I remember reading that we should avoid using animated .gif files because "these are hard to maintain, can be distracting and are usually large in file size."

Is there any way you can reconsider that policy?
I was thinking of using some for the different bone constraints.
I think I can get away with just using a bunch of static images, but a gif is more compact and requires less thinking on the readers behalf.

--distracting? I think it helps get the point across.
--hard to maintain? hm?
--for file size? maybe a limit of 2 mb?

An excellent example of a gif being helpful is the build modifier:

An example of where a bunch of static images is worse than a gif is the "Taper extruded curve."
at the bottom of this page.

I must have spent an entire ten minutes trying to figure out how those two curves make that solid shape.
I think a gif would have left less to the imagination.

I really don't have a huge opinion. The reason why it says to avoid using .gif images is that they do not work making PDF version of the manual.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) would give more incite here.

Oooooh , that makes sense.
links wont work on a pdf either,
we should avoid using links?

I guess I can try something like this then

No links are fine. Again, I would wait to see what Campbell says.