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Empty Rigging Docs
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There are a couple of blank rigging pages however advice is needed on what needs to go in them or to delete them

For the objects page I found that this page links to it:

In Blender, you have two main skinning types:

  • You can :doc:Parent/Constrain Objects to Bones </rigging/skinning/objects> - then, when you transform the bones in *Pose* mode, their "children" objects are also transformed, exactly as with a standard parent/children relationship... *The "children" are* never *deformed when using this method*.
  • You can :doc:Using the Armature modifier on entire Mesh </rigging/skinning/obdata>, and then, some parts of this object to some bones inside this armature. This is the more complex and powerful method, and *the only way to really deform the geometry of the object*, i.e. to modify its vertices/control points relative positions.



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@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton), think we really need to have some procedure to deal with the documentation bugs. Currently i don't know who handles those, and seems nobody even triages them which is rather annoying.

I did a quick review of the rigging category.

For the rigging chapter:
Intro gives the user a breif description of rigging.
Constraints is a reference manual for Constraints.
Armatures is a reference manual for Armatures, tools, panels, properties.
Posing seems to have good topics (most seem to be animation topics).

Skinning is ok, but seems like it could be improved/updated.
The Skinning -> Retargeting page is blank.. Retargeting is applying a premade Animation to a Rig (may also be a motion capture topic).

This seems to be an intro page for 'Skinning'.
This seems to be the main page or 'Skinning'.

I think Object rigging should have its own page, for basic rigging.
I think Retargeting should have its own page if kept, listing some common methods used in blender.

I dont know much about retargeting, as a subject.

Hi Koil,

I'm working my way through editing the Rigging chapter.
I've just finished a first edit on the first half of the Constraints section.

I'll keep moving forward from here and will look at the blank pages as I get up to those sections.


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