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Edge Slide from G-G (key) deactivate "Correct UV" UI.
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Ubuntu-Mate 14.04 64x
nVidia GT620

Blender 2.76b

  • Open the file.
  • Press Ctrl-E - "Edge Slide".
  • Slide the loop (the UV is not corrected)
  • Click to accept.
  • Check "Correct UV" in left panel (now, it's corrected).
  • Slide the loop again and again and its UV is corrected at any time.


  • Use the same loop.
  • Press G, then G (Edge Slide mode).
  • Slide the loop. As "Correct UV" was checked, the UV is corrected.
  • Click to accept.
  • Check "Correct UV" in left panel: it is unchecked

Note that this bug affects to the UI, because, internally, "Correct UV" is True. If I check that option again, nothing happens. If I uncheck it, it stops correcting the UV.

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This is happening to me as well. The UV's not only are uncorrected, but the vertices move back to the initial position upon checking the box again. I will try to fix.

I confirm that. I didn't note that it was also a non-UI error.

I think there is something wrong yet with it.
the same file.
-gg slide edge loop for some distance to right side
-check "Correct UV" in left panel
-gg slide edge loop for some distance to left side
-uncheck "Correct UV" in left panel
-check "Correct UV" in left panel

egde loop changed place after uncheck ( different from before uncheck) and did not return to the place where it was after second check and even at start.
I thing it should works that uncheck/check UV correct should remember the last position of vertices or at least the origin one. but now it is unpredictable