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unable to import an obj in 2.76, it works in 2.74
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System Information
Windows 10 nvidea 630

Blender Version
Broken: all 2.76 versions i tested it with (including betas)
Worked: 2.74
(i dont know for 2.75, but i keep a 2.74 with adaptive sampling for faster rendering)

Short description of error
i made a screen capture of the error and placed it in my public dropbox folder here :

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Import this obj model of lara craft :
Its not only with this one but seams to error on most obj files i have.
One obj file wich didnt have mtl and textures did work tough, i think its something about disk filehandling that seams broken now.
I remind there have been a few changes in that direction recently.

PS My production isnt halted by this, (as i use mostly 2.74 with adaptive rendering).
Its not urgent, i can convert using 2.74 if needed, but it would be nice if this works, since well obj is a last resort for all those people who try to send me autocad based works to render, i prefer workflow of obj files then...its more universal i think obj.



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that dropbox link didnt work here is a new link showing the errors