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2.42: Crash when saving .blend file as an unpriveledged user
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Group: V 2.42a release
Resolution: Fixed
Category: Windows related

Blender: 2.42 release version
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

When using blender as an unpriveledged non-admin user, blender crashes whenever I try to save the current project. This is true even trying to save an unedited, default scene with the default filename, "untitled.blend".

On clicking the save button, the normal save dialog box comes up. I am able to select my home directory without any problems ("C:\Documents and Settings\Jath Palasubramaniam\My Documents"). On clicking save, blender pauses for a short while (2-3secs) and then a windows error message is displayed:

"blender.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."

After dismissing the message, blender then exits immediately. There is no blender error message displayed.

Note however, that despite the crash, blender does successfully save the file. When I reopen blender the .blend file exists and I can open it normally without any problems so it appears the problem occurs just after writing the file to disk.

This problem does not occur when I am logged in as a user with administrative rights. When I installed blender, I installed it logged in as root.

Unfortunately I haven't used a previous version of blender on this computer so I'm not sure if this is a new bug.


Jath Palasubramaniam

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