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Improve Curve extrude
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Ability to extrude contiguous selected segments of 2d curves. (currently it duplicates the points only)


Python reference implementation: P312

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This is stupid, but I don't understand what to do.
There is a code and a video demonstrating it. The task looks easy and I am willing to do it if it isn't taken

I'd like to work on this as long as nobody else is.

I would like to work on this bug if no one else has

Very welcome improvement, certainly handy!

I would like to work with this.

@raja kedia (decoda), thats fine - but I've been removing assignments from quick hacks.
Too often people loose interest and don't un-assign.

The video shows that you can already do it. Doesn't it mean the task is done? Or is there more to it?

It may be working but it is not committed to master nor included in any official release.
This is indeed a useful improvement though, would be nice to have for 2.8. Is that feasible?

Hi, I just want to make sure, so we need to implement this operator in C code right? And for the operation behaviour, there's something that's not clear.
Is it only working for continuous selection or it can work in any condition? If we select disjoint selection, what will happen? And should be the edge produced by the extrude be straight, or it keeps the handle like before, or there's some adjustment for the handle?
From the python code above, I can see that he use subdivision operator to create a new node, and if I remember correctly, the subdivision change the handle position. I wonder if it's a wanted behaviour.

This behavior does not appear to be present in the latest build, so I would like to take this on as an early issue. Is there anything in particular I should be aware of when working on this task.

Tested on a bezier curve and this is still duplicating points.

@Ali Jaya Meilio LIE (alijaya), the python code is just a proof of concept, it's logic shouldn't be copied directly to C.

Matthew (Loading_M_) claimed this task.EditedMay 6 2019, 8:34 PM

I have created and tested a patch that implements the requested functionality: D4812

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) changed the subtype of this task from "Report" to "To Do".Feb 12 2020, 7:17 AM

I would like to work on this feature

How do I test my code (other than checking that it works) and how do I submit my code for review?

I have submitted code for this in D6980