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Linked group goes crazy (sometimes) when switching to Material view.
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System Information
Win 8.1 64bit; Nvidia 750M

Blender Version
Broken: 2.76 official
Worked: never

Short description of error
I made an asset (window) with some hooks so that I can change the overall dimensions quickly. Than I grouped it with the GroupPro addon (made by JoseConseco, available on gumroad). Then I appended it into a new scene and link all the windows into a new scene. Now there is an error that appears when I switch to Material view (not allways, but quite often) - parts of the window move to some crazy random position. This problem is probably connected with wrong dependency calculation and can be solved by saving and reloading the whole scene.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Unzip the
  2. Open the file 11-Vstup-Park-Haly.blend
  3. Switch the 3d view to Material view - the windows should stretch far from the building
  4. Save and revert - windows are back to normal.



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This looks like a duplicate of a similar bug we had reported recently - where the state of the object when calculated on draw, as a dupli - isn't valid for modifier calculation.