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Bone child.worldPosition and world Orientation appear to be at least 1 frame off
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I am using

object.worldPosition = boneChild.worldPosition+(boneChild.worldOrientation*Vector(offset)) and the weapon should be 'locked' to the same

rotation and position relative to the bone parented object (red box 'Hand')

however it lags at least 1 frame behind for some reason

Note - I am using copy rotation in the armature that the 'Hand' object is bone parented to.



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here is a test file illustrating{F279081} the bug is in fact related to copy rotation

left = copy rotation = use mouse and you can see the lag

right = uses animation to swing arm = no lag

I worked around this using a callback

what it was, was I moved a object to a local point relative to a object moved by a constraint,
so the constraint updated after the logic loop, so I was always 1 step behind.

So I moved the same code

weapon.worldPosition = player['Hand'].worldPosition+(player['Hand'].worldOrientation*Vector([offset])) Orientation = player['Hand'].worldOrientation

into a pre_draw callback, and it works great now.

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