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complete view rotation and movement lock up.
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System Information
acer aspire M3900G, pentium dual core CPU E5700 @ 3.00ghz 3.00ghz
64 bit operating system, intel G45/G43 express chipset

broken: Blender version 2.76b 1-29-15
working previously: blender 2.76b 1-29-15

Description of issue: view rotation via middle mouse and middle mouse+ shift panning will not work and cannot be fixed, using it the same exact day it messed up working on a project. issue has occurred several times before but seemingly fixed itself until this event. i am a newer user to blender but i only use buttons that i know the function of and follow tutorials for anything new, this issue is never caused from me hitting wrong buttons but i cannot get it fixed even with user preference changes or resets and it causes me to be unable to use blender for most things. rotation using the number pad works but mouse rotation is completely unresponsive. hopefully the issue can be figured out as i don't get what causes this and hopefully the system information is somewhat helpful i listed anything i figured might help.

Steps to repeat and reproduce: unknown i don't know what causes it as it happens randomly.

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Bastien Montagne (mont29) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to 30.Jan 30 2016, 6:48 PM

What is OS? Are you using a real mouse with middle button, or are you using 'alt' MMB emulation? What happens if you close and reopen Blender? If you restart your computer? Does it happen if you start Blender from a command line with --factory-startup option?

operating system is windows 7, i have a real mouse with the MMB, reopening restarting pc, and command line all have no difference. the first several times this happened a couple months ago i kept uninstalling and reinstalling to fix the issue which only temporarily fixed it now though even that doesn't fix it.

This may be a stupid question, but have you tried using a different mouse, in case it's simply a hardware problem? Does MMB work in a different software (e.g. panning in inkscape)?

yes i have tested other mice and its still an issue, at the moment blender went back to working again because it felt like it, this happens a bit too often and i don't get why, it seems to be blender issues but also not because that is the only part thats effected and blender doesn't detect an issue but it makes it so i cant use blender files that lock up like that and sometimes none of the files even default work on it due to that lock up.

i am not a very good user of blender as its difficult to figure out for a newer person even though ive had blender for awhile i still follow tutorials to do anything, i originally thought i was hitting a wrong button or combo of buttons but looking up possible solutions didn't fix it as they were for a similar yet different issue, it does seem to happen after long periods of time using it from what can tell.

The issue reported can't be reproduced so far, and has been moved to the BF Blender: Unconfirmed project.
If 2 other people aren't able to redo the bug after 2 weeks, it will be closed.

We appreciate the effort that goes into making bug reports, but to be able to fix bugs we have to be able to redo them.
If there is anything you can provide to help others to reproduce the problem, be sure to include it.

as far as i can tell when it happens it seems like a camera issue because it doesn't want to let me move my view, i've checked camera setting, ive checked user preferences and non of that ever changes i think its just a random issue with the view, it usually wears off after awhile to let me back in, originally it worked again after i uninstalled blender but the most recent one just decide to start working again

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Well… closing for now, as said above nobody managed to reproduce the issue so we cannot work on it. We can reopen it should new, reproducible data be added here.