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Custom Manipulators: Parent Task
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Custom Manipulators: Main Task/ToDos

This task lists ToDos for the Custom Manipulators project. Some of them require sub-tasks so this will also serve as the main task for those.

Design ToDos

We still need to define final designs for the following topics:

Code ToDos

  • Finish Python API
  • Depth culling - Support manipulators that can be covered by other geometry (depends on viewport project)
  • Unit testing (still unsure how this will look exactly, but good to keep in mind)
  • Bugs:
    • All manipulator-groups share the same modal keymap, should be multiple instances though
      • Note: This is because the keymap code assumes modal keymaps to be attached to an operator, in our case it's attached to the manipulator-group though.

Documentation ToDos

Merge/Review Status

  • Next step is to finish and merge some initial manipulators (e.g. new transform and bone manipulators).
  • Then: Continuously develop and add more manipulators.

Revisions and Commits

Event Timeline

Depth/occlusion & widgets -- with new viewport we can consider widgets to be overlaid atop the scene, but still use depth information. Either standard depth test (draw nothing if occluded), or draw 50% opacity if occluded. That way the user can see the whole widget and also have some sense of depth relationships.

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