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Viewport and Rendering Visibility for lights swapped in Blender Internal rendered viewport
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I guess this will be rejected because the Internal Renderer is no longer supported anymore (or so I heard atleast) but for the case there would be still small bug fixes applied to it:

Lights in Internal have their Viewport and Rendering Visibility settings swapped in the rendered viewport, so a light that is set to be hidden in the render will not influence the scene in the viewports nor the final render but it will still show up in the rendered viewport.
Likewise do lights that are just in the viewports hidden still influence the viewports and final render but will not show up in the rendered viewport.

Here's a screenshot of an example setup
Spot is a blue light and Spot.001 is a red light, red is excluded from the viewports but still influencing the scene and show up in the final rendering as intended while blue is excluded from the render and only meant to show up in the viewports without influencing the scene.
In the final render and the viewports all this works as intended except in the rendered viewport (right viewport) where they are swapped.

Just to clarify, the final render comes out as intended with just the red light being present, it's only the rendered viewport that is confusing because it seems to be interpreting the exclusion settings wrong and mix them up.

And here's the file

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Note: Blender internal isn't unsupported, while its not under active development, it is maintained.

I think this is working as intended.

  • Hide: is the lamp object data visible in the view-port or not (can you select it, etc).
  • Render: does the lamp influence scene lighting.

I think this is working as intended.

Well if it is working as intended then why does the viewport and final render show the red lamp's light and only the rendered viewport the blue one?

I find that confusing as it's showing a lightstate that doesn't match with the final render.

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Viewport rendered mode does respect view visibility settings and final render respects render visibility settings. This is intentional and not a bug.

GLSL preview respecting render settings is also an intentional thing as a fix for T23103.

So while it's somewhat confusing, changing it will introduce much more confusion for those who get used to an existing behavior and wouldn't really change it now.

Thanks for the report, but consider it a possible improvement which is to be handled outside of the bug tracker.