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Default Mouse Wheel Zoom broken (changed from zoom to rotation) - OSX only
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OSX only (10.9.5)
it still works fine with ubuntu linux 14.4. and windows 8

Broken: 2.76.11 (3ab50cf) - only OSX version
Worked: 2.76b

Mouse Wheel no longer zooms. Instead rotates now. Ctrl+Wheel zooms now (was panning before).

I loaded my keymap from 2.76b but that changed nothing. I was not able to get the old 2.76b behaviour back to work.

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@Mauro Fabio (phalaris) had the same issue a few weeks back, we were investigating in IRC but didn't find a solution (IIRC?).

This must be related to T46341: OS X trackpad and magic mouse gestures not working and T47153: Scroll wheel zoom in view3d fails on OS X where we worked around a bug in the latest OS X SDK.

Which exact mouse model do you have? Does it have smooth scrolling or step wise scrolling?

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Its the older wired Apple Mouse with the small Scrollball ( I'm not sure but I think its smooth scrolling.

We tried with OSX 10.11 and a Magic Mouse - same problem.

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The magic mouse is intended to behave this way, like a trackpad, it also did before. The scrollball is probably a special case that our logic doesn't handle properly.

Committed a fix now, hopefully it works for you. I don't have a mighty mouse to test, so it would help if you could try it, tomorrow the build here will be updated to include the fix:

Thank you - it works now.
Magic Mouse behaves like you described it. Scrollball on the Mighty Mouse does zoom again.