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Add Mesh primitive: Circle and UV Sphere are not aligned.
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In Mesh edit mode, add a circle with 5 points, and then a UV sphere subdivision 5.
Note the alignment issue.

Very nice simple fix for new coders to learn navigation in the code.

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Can you post image? It seemed to work for me.

it's easy to see from top/ortho view

Quentin Solard (Hastou) claimed this task.

Working on my first patch. I'm looking around the tessellation.
Hum no it's not linked to the tessellation :)

@Quentin Solard (Hastou) Are you still working on this?

Also the torus is similarly not aligned with either the circle or the sphere. Should that be fixed as well?

I tried to find a solution but it's my first look to the blender code. If you want to take this task you can. I'll look to the proposed diff to understand the solution.

This was my first look at the blender code too. Here's the diff: D1912.