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VSE and Node Compositor Film loading not properly linked.
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Sabayon Linux KDE fully upgraded running dailies.
2.76b From
Nvidia 580

If you add a movie film strip to the VSE and then go to the compositor and add a moive node the drop down does not contain the added film strip. Once you add the film strip again in the compositor and then scrub in the VSE the film also scrubs in compositor (this is good) proving that they are linked but you must load it two times (this being the bug).

If you erase the film strip in the VSE the strip in the compositor does not change and as you scrub the scrubbing in the VSE in the new film but in the compositor it is the old removed film.

Hope that is clear.



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This file references files...

  • /media/Threeterabyte/Media/Blender Art/Blender Videos/0001-0250.avi
  • /media/Threeterabyte/Media/Blender Art/Tutorials made by Douglas/Videos/Patreon-18.mkv

... are either of these files needed to redo the bug?

I thought I packed externals into the blend.
I was chatting with someone about this bug and it seems that it is not really a bug but a design . . . flaw.

When a film clip is loaded into the VSE it is not really part of the rest of Blender.
When a film clip is loaded into the composition it is not really part of VSE.
But if you load in a the same film clip in both places and scrub you can see it in both places changing in sync leading ignorant me to think they were the same thing.

It would seem that a film clip in Blender should be a film strip in Blender no matter what view you are using. This is not so due to different data formats being used; one for speed and one for accuracy. To the artist this is very opaque. It should be one thing. Also cutting it in the VSE should result in it being cut in the compositor. Film clips should also be assets that are listed in the Outliner. Problems; sound is bound to movie strips but not cut at the same point. Two data types for the same film so you need a master reference that refers to the two data types and perhaps the sound that is bound to it as you don't want to loose sync even if they don't get cut at the same point.

So, I guess this needs to come out of the bug pile and go into the todo pile. :-)

Also we decided it would be good to have a compositor view per strip just as you have a node view per material. All this for color grading.


Douglas E Knapp

PS for more info check out the FB Funboard chat about output node scopes in the compositor node view.

Sequencer manages movie strips without data-blocks. this isn't a bug, or even a TODO.
Its just the current design.