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Performance problems on Macbook 13 (Late 2008) with 4GB and Blender 2.75a
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Hi Experts,

as stated above I'm working on a Macbook Pro 13" (late 2008) with 4 GB of memory. My system is a OS X 10.10.5 (14F1509).
My Blender is a 2.75a., but I see the same issue with other Blender versions.

Same behavior on a Intel i5 Windows 7 machine with 32GB and Blender 2.76b.

Short description of error
I'm working with quite large files which have been created by exporting an stp from CATIA, conversion to 3DS with Glovius and importing to Blender. The so created Blender file I am currently working with has a size of roughly 290 MB. A typical error in the conversion process is that the objects created thereby have many duplicate vertices, but this seems not to be the reason for the behavior I see.
When working with the file (typical operations consist of joining objects, moving objects to levels and cleaning the duplicate vertices) the operations work sufficiently smoothly and with satisfactory performance. After a couple of operations the program gets increasingly slower and after something like 5-6 operations each click results in waiting times of up to several minutes.
The only way to work with these kind of large files is to save often to kill Blender when it ran into the slow mode and to open the file again. Even is the operation was slow before killing Blender, the same operation is normally fast after opening the file again. I see this behavior with every file above a certain file size - can't exactly tell which size. If I decrease the file size by removing duplicate vertices, deleting objects, etc. and the size gets below the threshold, the performance goes back to normal.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Work with the attached file: select objects and jin them, remove materials, mode objects to layers, remove duplicate vertices, etc.



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The file does not seem to be attached.

Sorry, forgot to upload file which is attached via comment

Same issue, Note that there is an upload size limit and you will probably have to use secondary source and provide a link.

This sounds like a memory issue maybe? Though I would not expect it to show the same on a 32GB machine… Anyway, can you please open user preferences, Editing tab, and either set undo step to something small (like 1 or 2), and/or memory limit to something like 512 or 1024?

Your objects seems to have several million of vertices, undo steps on that kind of geometry will quickly eat a lot of RAM…

Hi Bastien,

indeed your suggestion cured the behavior - I didn't know these settings yet. I changed the number of undo steps to 2 and the memory limit to 512 MB and the performance becomes accepable. As you say, with the high number of vertices and the previous settings of 32 undo steps and unlimited memory, the computer has to do a lot of memory shuffling.

From my perspective this is solved. Thanks a lot for your help. Kind regards

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Yep, better memory handling during undo in edit mode is on our TODO list, but for now this is considered a known limitation. Thanks for the report anyway. :)