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Can not slide value in Input manager
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System Information
W10, GF770

Blender Version

Short description of error
Sliding value in the Input manager move mouse on the top and sliding is not possible. Try for example Factor in Edge Crease



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Ugh… same behavior in official 2.76 too.

Present even in 2.73 release… odd nobody noticed this before!

This is caused by dragging numbers calling keymap_item_modified, which sets the keymap modified flag and immediately rebuilds the full keymap with WM_keyconfig_update while the button is being dragged.

Possible fixes:

  • Delay flagging the keymap as edited while the button is being manipulated.
  • Change the keymap code to use existing pointers when updating the keymap.
  • Extend ui_but_equals_old to support this case (though its not enough to simply have them be equal, other changes to button updating would be needed).