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Materials not imported correctly from FBX created in Revit
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System Information
Ubuntu 14.04 x86-64, NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X

Blender Version
Broken: 2.76b

Short description of error
When I try to import a FBX file created in revit, I get some warnings about material indices and only one material per object is created. See log from terminal

. There are also some warnings about unsupported mapping type, not sure, if it is related or not.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Try to import attached FBX file.



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There is no material at all in this FBX file… Blender creates a default one, cannot do anything else.

This is not true, when I try to open it in 3DS MAX, there are materials. See attached screenshot.

This comment was removed by Vaclav Cermak (disnel).
This comment was removed by Vaclav Cermak (disnel).

How can I reopen this task? Or should I create new one?

It is probably related to this:

When I convert material in 3DS MAX with script from that thread and export FBX from MAX, materials are imported fine.

That’s Revit problem, they have to export valid 'usable' FBX materials - if they stick to their utmost cryptic own cooked custom ADSKAssetReferences and other ObjectMetaData stuff, there is nothing we can do - Blender's FBX importer does not and never will aim at supporting all possible fancy non-standard stuff from FBX, supporting basic ground features is already an epic PITA…