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"Find Missing Files" finds only images and that's about it
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Version 2.77 rc2 (linux 64bit)

How to reproduce:

  1. Extract the attached zip file
  2. Open the Scene.blend file and inspect the linked libraries / dependent files
  3. Move the Assets folder or Scene file to another location
  4. Re-open the Scene file
  5. Attempt to repair the broken links with the "find Missing Files" operator

The results are not satisfactory. Only the missing texture image is successfully replaced.

At the moment, it seems the only reliable way to repair all broken file paths is to replace the files exactly where Blender is looking for them. Users need a more helpful file recovery solution; until such a solution is made, we really ought to be honest and rename this feature to "Find Missing Images".



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Thanks for the report, but there is no bug here. This feature is for files only (images, sounds, videos, fonts, text, etc.), not .blend libraries, for at least one very good reason: current blender cannot reload its libraries.

This sounds like a nice TODO once id-remap is merged in master though, will add to own list for later.