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Regression: OpegnGL Preview for VSE Scene Strips does not respect transparent backgrounds
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Version: 2.77 rc2 (linux 64bit)

Apologies if this has already been addressed.

How to reproduce:
Open the attached .blend in ver 2.76, note the background color in the preview
Open again in 2.77 rc2
In 2.77 rc2, the OpenGL preivew of scene strip has no transparency. This makes the strip look totally opaque, making OpenGL preview far less useful if one needs to preview scenes with alpha transparency.



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Developer note.

There are two commits which lead to this regression:

  1. rBa1f8706 which enforced V3D_SHOW_WORLD flag when draw_background is truth regardless of alpha mode.
  2. rB1bae9c6 which broke logic for Cycles about alpha mode (Cycles does not use Blender's settings for that)

Change this by switching the alpha render mode in the OpenGL render options, see the note here: