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[UI Design] setting modal tool options from mouse and/or tablet pen
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System Information
Operating system and graphics card

Win 10 64 bits, Quadro M6000

Blender Version
Broken: (example: 2.69.7 4b206af, see splash screen)
2.76b and 2.77

Short description of error

There is no option for the bevel profil in the bevel modal in edit mode.
Have to make F6 after using the tool.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Select an edge
ctrl + B
no profile
have to exit the tool and press F6

Have to use a mouse to change the number of segments too.

I made a modal for the bevel modifier.

mouse = width
shift = number of segments
ctrl = profile

As you can see it's simple and I can use my pen.



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This is not a bug, but quiet interesting UI design topic in fact - indeed using mouse wheel for such settings kinda rules out tablet usage… On the other hand, shift/ctrl + move are usually used to trigger snapping, not nice imho to get special behavior here (would rather see them snapping the 10%'s of bevelling e.g.…).

Profile should for sure be editable with ctrl and/or shift + wheel, anyway, but that is trivial fix (we could also add keyboard edition to that op, btw).

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton), @Howard Trickey (howardt), User Interface guys, thoughts?

Bastien Montagne (mont29) renamed this task from [UI Design] setting modal tool options from mouse to [UI Design] setting modal tool options from mouse and/or tablet pen.Mar 14 2016, 2:30 PM

If we can only add the profile for now, it will be usable, because for now, it's not really.

We can deal with + and - for the segments, but we really need the profile in the modal.

I admit to not understanding the design parameters around making something usable on a tablet or with a pen, or a laptop with only a trackpad (which I often am using). I can see that the method proposed here (using motion of the pointing device with modifier keys to adjust different things) works, but like Bastien would like to see this as part of a coherent pattern of how to do things in Blender.

I think people are used to and love having the mouse wheel to adjust the number of segments, so think we should keep that.

I agree that being able to adjust the profile in the modal bevel could be useful; I don't have strong feelings about how that should be specified. I would be fine with the idea of using modifier keys in combination with mouse motion, but am mindful of Bastien's thoughts about snapping. In other words, I would like someone with more of a broad view of Blender's UI philosophy to make this decision. I could easily implement whatever people would like.

@Howard Trickey (howardt) think quick fix re profile could ctrl or shift + mousewheel.

Note that laptop pads usually have a wheel-like thing (either on one side of the pad, or using two fingers with recent ones…). And iirc 'pro' tablets (like the intuos) have ways to scroll too (not to mention some which are both tablet and big multi-touch touchpad ;) )… But yeah, that’s design and we also need feedback from more tablet users here.

I'm for the quick fix for the profile, the pen issue can wait ^^

But think that a lot of people use pen, I use my pen for each 3D app, maya, blender, zbrush etc.

But that must be discuted of course.
For example, on the proportionnal edit tool, it's anoying to have to use the mouse to change the size of the circle.

Seems to me we (perhaps @Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski) and myself?) should take some time to define a baseline modal interaction design parameter for other devs to work off. Otherwise we're just going to continue running into differing implementations like this that cause problems with one input device or another.

I only ask for the profile in the bevel edge modal ^^

For the rest I made the modals pie menu Addon :D

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This should be solved by activating the Bevel tool in the toolbar in 2.8.