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Update on super slow GPU rendering in 2.77
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System Information
2013 MacPro dual D700s, 64 GB RAM 8-core 3.0 ghz
OS 10.10.4

Blender Version
Broken: 2.77 RC2

I rendered a block of my scene with the GPU in 2.77 rc2 this time without any smoke effects (meshes only), and the render took 8mins and 12 seconds. I changed nothing, except switching back to 2.76 and rendered the same block and it took 1min and 41 seconds. So I obviously dont know what is causing the slow down, but it seems to be due to something in 2.77. I dont know if its all GPUs or just the Titan X. But my Titan X is useless in 2.77 rc2. My CPU renders are twice as fast, coming in a 4mins and 13 seconds, but again, in 2.77, the GPU render was 1min and 41 seconds. Please please please fix this in 2.77!