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Lost linked Object proxy crashing
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System Information
W10 64b

Blender Version

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Download
  2. Place to same directory
  3. Open FINAL.blend
  4. Crash

Link2 is linked to FINAL. If you rename it to link.blend it is working well. Problem is if you link armature with make proxy and it lost link (rename, move)



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Can't redo this error. Is Blender crashing? (closing with some error?)

I just get an error message that the file wasn't found, which is expected behavior.

Info: Read library:  '/d/link.blend', '//link.blend', parent '<direct>'
Warning: Unable to open '/d/link.blend': No such file or directory
Warning: Cannot find lib '/d/link.blend'
Warning: LIB: Object: 'Armature' missing from '/d/link.blend', parent '<direct>'
Warning: LIB: Group: 'LINKED' missing from '/d/link.blend', parent '<direct>'
Warning: LIB: Armature: 'Armature' missing from '/d/link.blend', parent '<direct>'

Thanks for info, with cleared settings it is not crashing. I found that it is crashing with this script:

I don`t know if problem is in the script or Blender.

Please give us precise, specific steps to reproduce the crash, if it involves that script. We cannot really take time to audit it until we find an issue in it… And proxies are especially fragile part of Blender, very easy to break.

Yes it involves that script (I didn`t know this before). So you can close this report.

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