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Settings are reseted when switching between Domain/Flow with Smoke simulation
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  • Create cube
  • add Quick Smoke
  • change settings in Domain
  • click on Flow
  • click on Domain, seetings are rested to default

Than, if I click in Flow on Smoke + Fire, nothing happens even if I choose only Smoke again.

I tried with the last build and same thing.



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Emmanuel LORANT (asturias) created this task.
Emmanuel LORANT (asturias) raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage by Developer.

It's under Windows 10 x64, Blender 2.77 x64 release (and last build). GPU for display : GTX 580, GPU for rendering : GTX 780 (used for smoke rendering).

I loaded an old project and fire works but if I change Flow type, I can't have fire or smoke back.

Kévin Dietrich (kevindietrich) closed this task as Invalid.

There don't seems to be a bug here, changing the smoke type affects the current object not the simulation, if you want to change flow settings, you need to select the objects that are set to be fluid flows.

My bad for wrong object selected for Domain and Flow but let's say you make settings for your Smoke Domain and click by mistake on "Flow" (or "None" or "Collision"), it surprised me to lose settings when you go back to "Domain". It was just a test so not a big deal, I'll pay attention next time ;).