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Node wrangler viewing feature doesn't work if output is already connected.
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System Information
Windows 10,AMD 5450

Blender Version
Blender 2.77,Hash: 22a2853

Short description of error

When I try to view an output using the node wrangler addon when it is already connected to something it doesn't work. (ctrl+shift+LMB)

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
For instance:Add a noise texture and connect the factor to the displacement output,now click ( ctrl + shift + LMB) the color output view correctly but if you try to view the factor it wont work.

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I'm also experiencing a problem here, node wrangler seems to be skipping sockets at random if one is connected to the displacement output.

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I see now the issue too, it's skipping the socket that's connected to the Displacement for whatever reason.

It's easier to see if using Separate RGB for example and plugging G to displacement of material output.. ctrl + shift + clicking selects R and B in turn but G is never connected to the viewer

hi please check that the recently updated file has same issue:
Looking at it seems this did not make it into release & may need to be forwarded to any 2.77 'a' release.

The updated file still has this issue