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Smoke preview in viewport not showing up on some Mac systems
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3.5 Ghz i7-3770k / 32 GB RAM
Gigabyte GA-Z77Z-UP5 TH MB
Intel HD 4000 Graphics
2x NVIDIA GTX 780’s 6GB (headless)

Blender Version: 2.77 (hash 22a2853)

Smoke Preview broken in 2.77 on some Mac systems.

Worked fine in previous release on same system under 2.76b (hash f337fea)

Description of error:
Smoke preview in viewport not showing up on some Mac systems. My test file is the simple default cube with smoke quick effect applied.

I am running a Hackintosh with Mac OSX 10.9.5 and the viewport is not showing the smoke preview in 2.77. The smoke preview works perfectly in 2.76b though.

Smoke preview also works in 2.77 on the same system when booted into Windows 8.

In system preferences for 2.77 I have tried setting the Compute Device to all three options (None, CUDA, OpenCL) and all available GPU selections. None of that made a difference as the smoke preview still failed to show in the viewport.

I did test 2.77 on two other Mac systems and smoke preview operated normally on those. One was a 2010 Mac Mini running Yosemite 10.10.5 and the other a 2008 Mac Pro running OSX 10.8.4.



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Please test latets builds from and see if the issue still exists in there.

Tested with latest build dated April 1st, 2016 (hash 42a9f33).

Smoke preview on stated Mac system still does not work.

I can confirm, both builds, release 2.77 and 42a9f33 don't show smoke in Viewport. Macbook Pro late 3013, 2.6GHz i7, 16GB Ram.

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Then it's a different issue.

Do you have a screenshot of the problem?

@Mike Erwin (merwin), do you have machine to test this report maybe?

I can make a Screenshot.. But i don't really see the point? Smoke gets calculated - can see in cycles render - but Viewport does not show anything. What would you like to see in a Screenshot?

Ah, thought it's some artifact or so. Ok, if it's just missing then no screenshot needed.

So then please run blender from the command line and see if there are any error prints happening in there.

Additionally, you can run blender --debug-gpu and attach the log here.

Command Line output as you create Smoke Domain.

GPUShader: compile error:
ERROR: 0:8: Attempt to redeclare 'min' as a variable
ERROR: 0:15: Attempt to use 'min' as a variable

Unable to create a GPUShader for builtin shader: 2
Unable to create GLSL smoke shader.
GPUShader: compile error:
ERROR: 0:8: Attempt to redeclare 'min' as a variable
ERROR: 0:15: Attempt to use 'min' as a variable

(Same for blender --debug-gpu or without --debug-gpu)

Committed possible fix. Please grab latest build from and give it a try!

Thanks Sergey. That fixed it.

(Another Blender A release necessary though, me thinks ;-)

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We will be doing 2.77a one of this days, don't worry.

Thanks for the report, considering it resolved! :)

Confirm fixed with my original "problem" system as well. Thanks, you guys are the best!

Confirm that the issue reported is still present on 2.77a, with the same error message shown above. (OS X 10.9.5).

Solved in "blender-2.77.0-git20160408.a51e9ec-x86_64"

Thank you

Hmm. Did this fix made it into 2.77a? I'm asking cause i still have no Smoke Preview on osx with official 2.77a - unlike the buildbot build i tried on 4. April...

Unfortunately, the revision skipped away from being included into 2.77a :(

I wonder... The official Version 2.77a still does not Work on Mac for Smoke Preview..

I think this is not good situation - it clearly is broken.. There does not seem to be 2.77b release at all?

IMO there must be some kind of Warning for Mac Users that this is broken in that release, or just release a Version that works..

I think that kind of stuff can lead to people avoid blender...

Are there any plans to resolve this?

(I know you can just use a buildbot build - that's not the point though.. The official Version is clearly broken..

Unfortunately 2.77a doesn't work on some card on Mac.

The plan is to release 2,78. We're at testbuild2 stage and first release candidate is planned at mid this week.

Just to inform that on 2.78-testbuild2 (OS X 10.9.5) the viewport smoke preview works fine.