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Render custom frames
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This helps rendering frames that aren't in order. For example render only 10 frames [1,3,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,31]
Syntax is similar to printing syntax for certain pages in most apps, you can specify [1,2,3,7-12], this would render [1,2,3,7,8,9,10,11,12] frames
It would appear in Properties Windows in Render Tab
I'm using cursor to visualize progress, so that user would know, that rendering is going

About wiki page for an addon, could someone point me on on some examples?



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This seems like it may be rather obscure functionality. Though its good if you can give some background on why you needed this.

And listing numbers like this may be a little annoying (perhaps it could use markers instead?).
For eg, match markers against user defined string Render_* and render only those frames.

Otherwise, if rendering a list of numbers is still needed, think we might be better to support multiple frames in the command line, eg: --render-frame 1,2,4,7,6.

And for people who don't like using command line, we can have an add-on to generate render batch files, where rendering custom frames can be an option.

Added support rendering multiple frames more conveniently D1889

Closing this task.

This is now possible via the command line, and while the script may be handy in some cases I don't think it warrens adding a new add-on just for this case.

As mentioned - a batch rendering add-on could be useful, handling more general cases including this one.